Monday, August 17, 2009



Theology’s more simple than you thought:
Don’t fuck with Me, I am what you are not.
I made you. I’m not easily abused.
Don’t look into my face. You’ll be confused.


I think the sun was beautiful when my wife
Bathed for the king and fucked him. In the east
The sun is rising now. And now at least
I’ll throw my armor down, reclaim my life.

James meets Paul at Jerusalem

He was my brother, I knew him better than you.
The dead can rise again through him though dead
He was a man, an Aramaic Jew.
The dead can rise again. Just as I said.

Noah at Yad Vashem.

Again? What happened? Bastard, did you turn away?
Or for one breath let blink your eternal eye?
How many times can ashes cloud your sky?
I’ve lived too long. Your rainbow is a lie.

Abraham Begs for the City of Sodom

Alright, nobody’s just, no one is good.
(I sent Tamar away to die of thirst.
This world of yours is made of fire and blood.
So smash us all, almighty. Take me first.)

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