Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sol: A Ghazal

Why not worship the sun? It is
as nurturant as any god. It is

Alive with fire and wind and all
the molecules of water. It is

One of a billion billion of its kind
It's race is infinite. It is

the source of light and living warmth
Its absence gives us stars and fear. It is

in endless progress through the sky
the ticking of our lives and days. It is

inside us. We are made of it. We come
mewling from its swirling womb. It is

immortal. So were the Egyptians wrong
to follow it toward death? It is

gold-haired Apollo moving across the sky
drawn by celestial horses. It is

the sum of all things mortal, immortal
It is the god thing. Because it is.

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