Sunday, March 20, 2011

Watching Louie Tiant

The Cubans in the five buck seats
at the back of the bleachers
smoked fat cigars while on the mound

Luis corkscrewed
his head 180 from the batter looked
right at us across center field

threw a fat strike past
Harmon Killebrew Bobby Allison
a journeyman

or two. This aint no date
I'm a dyke, you said
Does that mean you don't like

baseball everybody loves
baseball loves watching Luis Tiant
dance throw strikes

& own the black part of the plate.
The moon rose over the Citgo sign
I loved you it was not

a date, but after everything
Luis naked smoked a corpulent
Cubano come with me to the ballgame

I asked in Fenway birds like angels
flocked behind us wanting
to watch Tiant too

all sent by God is not a Yankee,
cawing & cheering & all was
alright and ready when you said ball four.

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Chris said...

This is fantastic, Eamonn. I love the detail.

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