Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harpy, 1974

At 4:00 A.M
A razor petaled flower
bloomed in your chest

Thinking, unthinking
did you stumbledown
the curving stairway

your mother asleep
in the front parlor room
oblivious, dreaming

Did you think
I’m only sixty its not time yet
or that the liquor got me

after all these years
Were you surprised to find
the keys in the ignition

angel placed
or oblivion at the end of the street
your car jumping the curb

to idle all night
against the ball field backstop
engine purring against death

until the cops found you
not you in the warm summer
haziness of dawn?

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Jennifer said...

thank you for coming to poetry critical! how did you find it?

and thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my poem.

by any chance did you stumble on my blog?

i have just found yours, and you are a wonderful poet, thank you for sharing, i will enjoy this.

also: Guinness is good for you, indeed :)

take care!

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