Monday, February 20, 2012

Catullus 107: Lesbia Returns

If what you hope for but don’t truly dare
Expect to happen, happens, it’s a pure
Delight. Just so, it’s a delight to me
like gold but better, Lesbia, my sweet.
I wanted you, I had no hope and yet you’re here.
You’ve brought yourself back home to me, my dear.
O light most bright, O air so sharp and clear!
What man could claim to be a happier man
Or wish for more than I hold in my hand?

Si quicquam cupido optantique optigit umquam
insperanti, hoc est gratum animo proprie.
Quare hoc est gratum nobis quoque carius auro
quod te restituis, Lesbia, mi cupido.
Restituis cupido atque insperanti, ipsa refers te
nobis. O lucem candidiore nota!
Quis me uno vivit felicior aut magis hac est
optandus vita dicere quis poterit?

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